Friday, 2 January 2009

What’s Make the Difference (Continued…)

This supposed to be the third post of this blog, but as new year came I posted New Year's resolution. Now I'll continue with 2nd post's continuation of What's make the Difference.

Really what’s made the difference? Some more effort. Actually the difference between ordinary and extra ordinary is only a little “EXTRA”. After you were determined you must try until you reach it without giving up in the half way.

Growing old involves no sacrifice or no special effort. While you grew older, your friend grew older even your enemy grew older. It’s just a mandatory natural process, Growing Up is optional, and that is what distinguishes one person from the other.

The true strength of man’s (even the woman’s) character comes to the front when he continues to hold his ground and use each stone hurled at him to build the walls of his own fortress

That is what Great personalities did. The habit of never giving up and making positive output of every hurdle they had made them great. Mahatma Gandhi built his own fortress, using problems he had, not to fight but to make the white empire to be ashamed. He never gave up his policy of “Ahimsa” or his determination even when he went through troubles ever one can think of. But that’s what revealed his massive power of Ahimsa and the power of his ‘ATHMA’ (spiritual power or power is his character).

When one is confronted by a wall, beating one’s head against it won’t help. But need to look for opening. It is again important to know whether we are in right path because all your hard work would be useless unless you work in the right direction. Effort in the wrong direction will make your target more and more far than ever before. So, first determine where to go, then choose the right path and work, work, work with never giving up.

[based on the speech of PID A.P. Singh]

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