Sunday, 18 January 2009

Take Charge of Your Life - II

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Up to now, we have seen the secrets of the success.

Now we will look at a burglar who is planning for bank Robbery. Could he be successful in his wish? The answer is yes if he has the above three qualities. He will have the knowledge about how to do. He even might have the skills and surely the burning desire. So what is the different for burglar and us? Now what we have defined is success. It could be in anything.

That’s why people are not in good state when comparing with old times, though technology, knowledge, skills and desire has been better state than ever before, since Stealing, burglary, rape, kidnaps and killing have been increased too.

It is all in vision. What we dream should be correct one then only we would be able to achieve ‘Genuine Success’.

To lead ourselves in right path of ‘Genuine Success’, how can the competence be used. There comes the character. We should have good and firm character to earn genuine success. Actually even the personality is the exposure of your character. Character and Personality are as the upper and lower parts of Ice-berg formed in the middle of sea. From outside only smaller upper part (personality) can be seen, but the greater part of ice is under the sea.

To have a smaller part up there, lower part should be firm and bigger, same with the character and personality.

Who should take responsible to your success or achievements? It is not your family, not friends, not neighbours, but….. You. Others might have contributed, but still you should take the responsibility. We have seen lots of people complaining that their family is not supporting well or the country is not good or politicians are not responsible when they are not successful. It is not the reality. These are excuses of people who do not want try again or those who have given up. You should take charge of your life. For instance, let’s say you have a very important work to be finished and it is raining hard. Will you just sit down at home? No, you will take an umbrella and go. It is something like that. You can do nothing with Politicians or Country situations which even may not be changed, but still you should take charge of life and ride your way to ultimate task.

Finally it is important to remember what we had discussed. Have a Vision, improve your competence with good character and take charge of your life. Genuine Success is not far away from you.

[From the speech of Nalaka Hewamadduma]


  1. Hey,
    This is surprising.. To get to know that another one still remembers that great lecture done by Mr.Nalaka Hewamadduma as the first lec of the mentoring programme.
    You know, I too have made a short note of his speech and pasted in front of my working desk. So i was reading this by looking at that and recalling the whole speech.It is very nice to see how much you are inspired by that.I mean i was like have listened to the whole speech again after about one year i guess.Thank you for that. :)
    Let me add something you have missed. There are three main aspects of a good character as he mentioned.
    3.abundance mentality.

    And also following is the list that was mentioned as the list of tools that we have; to achieve the genuine success.
    1.self awareness.
    4.will power.
    I am not able to write nicely. I just typed looking at that short note.

    Looking forward for more articles. :)

  2. hi Hasini,

    Well no doubt I have missed many things, I just have written what I remember. I really could not remember 3 main aspects of good character and the tools of genuine success.... I hope you would have read the first part of this too.

    Any way thanks a lot for adding. If I could remember or came across exactly what are they, I would edit the post and make more perfect.

    Keep Reading and give me your valuable comments & ideas.

    Think Y Not


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