Monday, 19 January 2009

A thought for the heart.

hi all,

Nice to see you all again through the posts. Though I wanted to write some impressing article, I did not have enough time or resources in this post. For the moment, I'll post this quick note of thought for you which is in my mind for last two days.

As you all know there is big argument between theism & atheism for ages. I'm not going to talk of that now here though I have plans in future posts. but a thought for you all regarding to that.

It does not matter whether you are an atheist or a theist when you are a president, What matters is feeding the poor and you will be the god to them.

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I hope you got what meant above. It is not said only for president's or any great Leaders, but it conveys a message to all. Every one of you will surely be a Leader (may be in your community, may be among your friends, may be in your team, may be in your home) who set example in any way. Your private things are not bothered at all (though there are a lot who will bother don't worry of them), just do best in your duty or help others (at least in a small way). believe me, every one of you are still far more better state than millions of others who suffer around the world.

you don't need to be President or any other big person to do that, but what needed is just to stand up and make a difference. Believe in you, yes you can make a difference.

Your thoughts are too welcome...


  1. Dear friend, theism is loosing its attraction as well as credulity. Theism serverd as a foster for good things for ages. People were deterred to do good things in the name of hell. Society survived. But nowadays the increase in the violence and negligence of helping others implies that when people forsake the belief in god , they tend to employ them in the power of deciding their fate which is leading us towards a disater. If there is a god, now ,it is the time for him to reset everything.!

  2. mmm... quite true bullet Pandi... Theism is loosing its attraction and its values. I don't think that god will appear all of a sudden and change everything to a nice park.

    As President Obama said (when he was a candidate) "Its time for a change", but I strongly believe its us who have to make the change.

    Thanks for your comment & thoughts... Keep on visiting and give your valuable thoughts...

    yours Think Y Not

  3. Nowadays it is a wide thought"I am fighting to survive....if i will fit then I may help for others survivance"

  4. every living being on earth is fighting to survive otherwise life on earth would not be interesting.. Its all about balancing between your roles in Life.

    If we wait for right moment to help others, that never comes. that moment is now... do it right now.. :)


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