Monday, 1 March 2010

Perceptions and misconceptions around same gender marriage(homosexual) and LGBT rights

When we speak of marriage equality, many emotional reactions can be seen for and against LGBT rights & marriage equality; I thought of writing down few misconceptions and facts. I'm trying to see at this from a rational point of view rather than being biased (with religion, culture, faiths, etc) or conservative.
  1. "Heterosexuality is Natural. Homosexuality is unnatural."

    Wrong opinion/belief. Scientifically speaking there are several mammals, birds, reptiles, etc show homosexual behaviour in Nature. I do not think they would have used internet and spoiled their mind or going with the trend. For further reading:
    Still not convinced: may be you should consider living in cave and hunting because all that humans do are artificial and against nature. (Your car, house (concrete buildings), laptops, phones, etc)
    Nature proof is brought purely for sake of those who believe it is not natural. just because something is natural, you do not have do it. But what if you were born as a transgender and what if society does not accept you? What if society's database has only a Boolean value for gender, either male or female? What if your family throws you out in the fear of society and to avoid social stigmatization? What if you have face all these discrimination because of your birth and nature? Should not we change the social systems adapting them also part of society? Should we not build a society where every human and mammal can co-exist peacefully without being discriminated for things nature given them.

    Some are saying then should not we accept Bestiality(sex between inter species) too and allow man to have sex with animals. No! wrong for 2 reasons. First it is not natural condition. Scientifically no findings so far to prove it is natural condition. Second the individuals involved should be consensual. If you take man-animal scenario, animal never gave consent.

  2. "This is a disease or abnormality. comes due to hormonal dysfunction or mental instability."

    Again a wrong opinion/belief.
    In medical science, there are no medicines for homosexual behaviour. It is never identified as a MEDICAL CONDITION. Rather it is identified as NATURAL CONDITION. Some are born with it, just like us are born heterosexual. Those who think medical science is not  advanced enough and they, themselves are more intelligence on this, please do a favour. Either do some research to prove and submit your paper to medical societies or consult a psychiatrist.

  3. "If we legalize this, what if everyone turn into a gay/lesbian?"

    Just like I and You are born as heterosexual, they are born in such way. 
    No one taught us get attracted to opposite gender. In the same way, they are attracted to same gender. Just because it is legalize will we be changing our sexual orientations? Never. Just like 
    Carnivores never eat grass even if they are starving, Noone is going to change their sexuality. Just accepting them will let them to live peacefully with society and not being discriminated and oppressed.

    Just because we have accepted transgender/third gender, Has all the men and women changed their genders? Accepting them lets them live their life NORMAL just like any other human being. 
    And what is the point of forcing him/her to marry opposite gender person, when they have interest on same gender? Won't the other person's life get spoiled?

  4. "This is against my faith/god/religion"

    One faith had a clause "Slavery is natural condition". Another set of followers had a faith on cast systems and treated a segment of people as untouchables. Hasn't these all understood as wrong and discarded. Putting the wrong ideas and faiths behind and moving forward is what we did as humans . Isn't that what we call CIVILIZATION?

    I'm sure all the faiths/gods/religions would teach you be compassionate to fellow human beings and fellow living beings. Isn't it wrong if you discriminate a segment of people due to the gender or sexual orientation? When you discriminate, are you not failing by not following your faith?

    Still not convinced? Yes you are right. Being an environmentalist, it is my faith not to drive private vehicles which emit gases that destruct the environment. Being a vegan, it is my faith it is faith to kill animals for food since we have plenty of non-killing food options. etc. Should I impose all these to others or keep it to me?

  5. "Even if homosexuals are accepted into social structure, they cant reproduce. So no point of legalizing same gender marriage, as it does not provide any output (offspring)"

    Man!, enough of this reproduction bullshit. Already we have 7.4 billion humans on this planet by so much of reproduction. and 0.783 billion do not have pure drinking water. 0.805 billion is suffering from extreme poverty. 2.5 billion do not have sanitary facilities. Isn't it alarming to you that human population alarmingly high and the earth struggling. Our resources are limited and it does not grow with the population. May be this is a Nature's way of controlling and telling us "humans! give it a break."

    Further, there are 153 million of kids who are orphan around the world. Heterosexual families have failed to adopt them. So why not the homosexual couple adopt them and complete their family.

    If the concept marriage is just all about legal way of producing offsprings, I guess it fails. Marriage is not legal certificate for having sex and reproduction. Rather I believe it is about companionship to another human being without limits.

  6. "Allowing same gender marriage will make the current social structure a mess, It is dangerous as new unknown sexual disease will spread."

    Wrong. Just like heterosexual families, homosexual will have one-to-one rule. All the things like adultery, rape, non-consensual sex, exploitation will be considered as crimes and be punished by law. But how can this be possible without legally accepting their marriage or family? Mind you, it is just acceptance not forcing any of heterosexual person to change their orientation. If anyone forces, it is a crime too. This acceptance by law and society will enable them to live a normal life in society, that's all.

    When you don't accept it, only then it will happen behind the curtains and sexual diseases will start to spread as a result of unprotected sex. Just for example, take the countries which has legalized prostitution and which does not. Societies and governments which does not have legalize it faces the consequences of comparative high percentage of AIDS and other STDs. e.g.: India. When someone has AIDS, if he/she does not come forward to take treatment, he/she will be spreading to more people. When you as society stigmatize AIDS patients from society how can they come forward for treatment. They try to hide or cover up.

Any how, it is up to you to decide whether to accept it and adopt the changes in society, social structures and norms or be blind and live like they don't exist while all the bad consequences creep in steadily.