Saturday, 17 January 2009

Take Charge of Your Life - 1

Life without the vision is just like the journey without destination or purpose. Everyone wants to achieve success in whatever they do. Have you ever wondered what it all takes to make something success (or achievable).

Vision is important to achieve success. Then a question arises ‘Is that enough’ to achieve success? if it is enough then those who (have) had the vision should have achieved success. But that never the case. So, we know that there is something more behind achieving success. Then what that could be? That is what so called ‘Competence’. Actually what is competence? How we could define it for right understanding. To say technique wise, it consists of three terms. First is Knowledge that you gain in studies, in listening, in what you see and in all sorts of ways. Then how much the Knowledge that you have contributes to your success. Could you think a bit with your experiences and knowledge you have. 50%, 60%, 80% or 100%, to say the truth, it is just 10%. It can not be believed isn’t it? Even if you believe or not that is what the truth is.

If is it so, then you might wonder what makes the other 90%. You could have guessed correctly too. Yes it is skills that are needed to achieve success. Then how much it is going to contribute? It is only 25%. You could be annoyed hearing that even having the skills and knowledge would not acquire success, but that’s what the truth is. Actually final term which is included in Competence is going to decide 65% on way to success. It is none other than ‘Desire’ to deserve your vision. It is not just desire but burning desire. You would be surprised to read this, so as I. But yeah it’s true. It is simply shown through the following analogy.

Even the Knowledge & skills won't make 40% for your success.

Let’s say a student wants to win Gold medal in Swimming at Olympics (just like he is inspired by Michael Phelps), so he looked at the advertisements and goes to an institution where they taught excellently swimming. Let’s say he goes for each and every lecture and refers to books and web and can be able to passes the examination (theory) with Super Merit. After passing examination if he goes and jumps straight in to pool for swimming, he will just drown and die. It is what happens to your vision if you only have knowledge.

Let’s say he knows how to swim (skills & techniques) and tries to go for Olympics. He could not even be able to be selected in local team. That is why there are lots of people around who know swimming even they too want to participate in Olympics. Having only Skills leads to such a situation, because you must desire, so you practice (hard work driven by strong desire) and learn techniques (and knowledge) to achieve it. Let’s say he has only burning desire. So he goes straight and jumps into pool. Again he will just die. After all it is not only knowledge, not only skills, not only desire, all three are needed to achieve success.

(To be continued...)

[From the speech of Nalaka Hewamadduma]

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