Tuesday, 30 December 2008

What's make the difference?

Once, when Mahatma Gandhi was in South Africa, where he practised law as a barrister, (at that time he was not not recognized as Mahatma, he was just Mohanlal Karamchand Gandhi then) he was about travel in the train in the first class. At that moment train attendant came into train compartment (where Gandhi was in) to check the tickets. The attendant noticed Gandhi was there and asked him to leave. Gandhi did not move and showed his ticket that he bought. But the attendant got irritated and tore the ticket and told to Gandhi, "Blacks and the Dogs are not allowed in the first class”. Also he threw Gandhi out of the compartment to the platform. That does not make any difference in the station, since everyday or other blacks and Indians are treated like that, After all Mahatma Gandhi is not only man who had been thrown out of the train compartment in indecent manner due to colour discrimination.

This incident have happened many times before for many men, but none of those incidents made any difference.
but this incident of Gandhi made a huge difference in the history of the world and Indian nation. How is it possible? What’s really made the difference? It’s the determination. How the Mahatma Gandhi would have felt when he was thrown out in the platform. There he determined that “you people threw me out today and I will throw entire British (white) Empire from my country”. That determination made huge difference in the world history.

Human mind something that is capable of achieving all that you dream, imagine or visualize with strong desire.

If that single man’s determination can make the difference and made him a Mahatma, why can not we?
Everything is in us. Only thing we have to determine and work towards that until we reach it. Some people try, but when they met with a small failure or an obstacle or they could not reach their fruits at expected time they will just give it up. It actually like this, for instance water is heating up its in 99°C. when someone has put his hands in it, he quickly takes out his hands and might shout "what the hell to keep fingers in boiling water". But for a scientist it is not boiling water since water boils at 100°C under normal conditions, so it is not boiling. Just like that most of us try until 99°C and we give up. Those who give some more effort get 1°C more will achieve the victory.

How will look if he just give up from this height, just because he has not reached the top.

So, what’s make the difference? It’s all one degree more effort. That’s what makes difference between the win and loss. Just one degree more effort. So never never give up.

[based on the speech of PID A.P. Singh]
-planning to be continued-


  1. i like ur thinking...very unique thoughts:)

  2. i like ur thinking....very unique thoughts

  3. Thanks @#using java .net and Bindiya... this article is based on a speech which I fortunately listened... Credits to the speaker...

  4. its very nice and meaningful. thank you for writing about it. :)

  5. plz do share more ideas...


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