Monday, 29 December 2008

thinks what to write....?

hi all,

This blog is a long deep dream of mine. I was planning to launch a blog for a long time, but due to my laziness, the dream had been the dream until now. After starting, I again started worrying what to post as the first post. Though Im not a man of sentiments, I still wanted to write something better. but due to that again two weeks passed, still without a post. Finally I determined to start something rather keeping it blank.

As this is the first post, I will start in my style. OK what I shall write about? why is this blog? and thousands of questions in my mind.

Well what Im going to write about? What you are going to find here is just some thoughts and views of mine. may be rational and sometimes may not be, may be which people never worried of or world never cares of, may be things that no one wishes talk. It could be right or may be wrong in your concern (I just dont believe in rights and wrongs because I believe there is no such thing world like absolute right or absolute wrong or good or bad,just those are determined by the time, place and situations). You could still have different thoughts and ideas and thats your right. So why not me have such right.

After all, I'll just wanna remind you, all the posts here should not be mine. sometimes some may be adopted from somewhere in the web or any other thing which could have affected me to write a post here.

As usual bloggers I don't want to repeat, "Please post your comment". If you think worth posting your ideas, you are welcome, If you don't then leave it. does not matters at all. Sometimes your increased comments might boost me to write more here. ;)

Yours Think Y Not

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