Friday, 8 January 2010

Mission Impossible - 2010

Though this going to be a repost, I believe it's worth it. It has been ages since I post here. all these days I have spent more time on reading rather than writing anything here. Due to my past experiences, I have not made any Newyear's resolutions because they never get accomplished. However, I would give a try to write a post atleast once in a month.

Start of 2010 has brought new hopes as like every new year. This is not just a new year but start of a new decade too. New plans, New efforts, fresh starts and everything with momentum and fresh energy.

However, 2010 starts with fearful attacks, still extending war between nations, global warming, elections, other dangerous issues and especially on top, the financial crisis (though it is said to be reaching its end). So what are your plans for 2010?... Yes yes I’m asking you friend.

Mm.. oh.. all right, you have some plans. But have you not thought these big problems stand in front us. You may wonder why should I?..

Are you?... hey friend, think why not? You may be wondering who am I to solve all these world problems? I’m simply no one, do not have any special powers.

Yes you are “The One” chosen by world to solve these problems just like “Neo” in Matrix. Believe in that. You can do it. This should be yours 2010's RESOLUTION (promise you make).

Yes you are no one. No one will know you(that's basically an advantage for you because media won't be spying on each step you make, so called intelligents wont criticise on whatever you do), but still you are gonna solve the problems of the world because you are the chosen One. If Hussain Bolt can make it in 9 seconds, If Barack Obama can make a change in powerful nation of the world, If Michael Phelps can win 8 gold medals at Olympic, if some one in the corner of the world can, why not you.

What you need is determination. Commitment and not giving up attitude will lead you save the world. You may be starting with small thing, a small change like just by reducing using the internet by that electricity or may be reducing (reusing) the polythene and progressing your efforts by asking your family and friends to make the change and soon inspiring all your mates and co workers to change for good.

Yes always think why not and now you are in a mission, A mission make you worth of living in the world. You are the chosen one to save world, the poor, the human, the nature and everything around you. Believe in that and start progressing. Hope to see a better world at the end of 2010 whether you and me are alive or not. It does not whether you win or loose, but it all matters at the end is how well you tried.

By the way, I did not forget about the new year. I wish you all peaceful New Year and may your hard efforts come true success. and I'll pray for you for your mission in this 2010. :)


  1. sorry i can't read english posts , becouse i don't know english.

  2. Thanks Deepthi.. :)

    Why is that எப்பூடி...? Is it so hard or confusing...?

  3. I think the problem is with your Internet browser, clear cookies and temp. files or use some other internet browser, I can see your comment-form and also I'm commenting using it....

  4. Well buddy, I can still see and use your comment-form in my browser. Plz ask some of your friends to check your blog, I'm sure others can see & use your form.

  5. Thanks Divya Sai for your precious time to check out the issue...


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