Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Wondering why no post..?

Hi all,

Once again after testing your patience for about two weeks ;) , next post published in this blog. You may wonder why not this guy post regularly or why he takes such a long gap between posts. Actually I too love to write in regular intervals, but your positive responses (comments, followers and personal mails I got) made me bit afraid. Are my posts that much good? Oh dear, these guys must be just kidding…..! If not that adds me more responsibility to write more good articles than before.

As I just don’t believe in quantity every time I sit to type, I’m quite worried of quality (of content, thoughts, writing style and everything). That makes me such a delay and makes hurdle of putting a new post. OK.. OK.., I understand your face is going red and I’m irritating you with such lame excuses :D. he... he… really believe me that’s one of the reason though major part of it is laziness.

Though I could not proceed with my next post on the topic I planned, I’ll write an article that made me to think. Hope to see you with that in a while. Keep visiting and sharing your ideas. ;)

Yours Think Y Not.

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